Saturday, September 5, 2009

Treat Containers & Recycled Gifts: Rub-ons

Do you have rub on's, left over or sheets you haven't used? These are great projects using rub on's! You can pick any theme sheet, or use uncommon designs.

This was a half a sheet on a recycled plastic container (came peppermint sticks inside) . You can add a ribbon, yarn, and a tag and fill with anything you can fit in the mouth of the container. Who wouldn't love to get this filled with anything!

I found the little glass flower pots on sale for 15 cents each last year because the seeds were missing... and they will hold a tea light, votive candle, and many other things. This used pieces parts of a rub on left overs. So don't be afraid to mix up pieces from different sheets.

Last but not least a super lamp. The neighbor's empty wine bottle (washed inside and out, wiped with rubbing alcohol prior to applying rub ons) , add a string of 25 Christmas lights in side (no drilling holes for me~ lol) , and the entire sheet of rub ons! The great thing ... I didn't even separate them to add them on, just placed the entire sheet as they were placed on top of the bottle.

This is birthday theme, you could certainly add a larger bow, a few silk flowers in the mouth of the bottle. What a fun gift for anyone. You can see it sheds beautiful reflections when plugged in and it highlights your rub ons!