Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Teen Gifts

Not only for teens!Many ages text and abbreviate these days- most of us know BFFF, ROTF, or WWJD, LOL all these are fun to put on a notebook for a teen or a friend.

Chose a notebook or composition book you like and cover the front, this is a reptile print for a guy. I used Modge Podge to adhere and protect. Added LOL -laugh out loud, TAW - teachers are watching, and TTYL - talk to ya later. There are tons of other abbreviations that maybe your teen or friend uses that would be fun to put on a notebook for them. Add as many as you like. You can use sticker letters, cricut to cut your own or print them out in a nice font.
If you are making for females, add ribbons, flowers etc.
Also button necklaces and bracelets are great for young girls, teens or growns, use random buttons stretchy cord or a soft coated twine. You can use single buttons, double layers of buttons, beads or anything else you might like to add.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spinning Wood Christmas Tree

Great project for many ages. Fun Christmas trees can be made for 1"x 1" strips of wood, they are cheap and many places will cut them for you- if like me you don't saw.
Decide how wide you want the bottom of your tree and cut each slat up 1" shorter. Use a block or 2 to 5 slats for your base. It can certainly be a regular tree if depending what you add or decorate it with.
Cover with paper, decoupage, glitter, paint, stain, glimmer mist or simply seal. You can stack the pieces on top of each other to make your tree or and glue or drill holes in the slats to hang and spin.

Mine is a spinner. You will need to decide what string, yarn or floss and wood, plastic or glass beads you want to use prior to drilling holes in your wood. This has been trial and error for me.
So test your beads and string first then drill the slats! Lightly sand the edges and the areas drilled. I stuck a toothpick in each hole of the slat to be sure there were no snags.
The clanking of a spinner can also appeal to those who love wind chimes.
I am off to finish this so have fun making yours!

Monday, December 5, 2011

"It's a Kid's Christmas" -blog hop!

Welcome just a few fun ideas that include some other participants great project links at the bottom.

Who can't use something quick for a fun kid? This is so quick! I cheated with an extra postcard
folded it in half (can use pieces of newspaper, an old Christmas card, or cardstock), printed my saying "EXTRA EXTRA Read All about it Rudolph Replacement Noses" on a separate piece of cardstock you could use paper (be sure you let it dry). Stamped Rudolph from CTMH Share the Magic set -you could also use a cricut image, sticker or what ever you like.
Fill a bag with brown and red or all red round candies, these were cherry balls. Adhere the top to the bag and you are done! Add ribbon or cording- get as fancy as you want and time allows. Great for any age!
Another fun thing I do every year with one lone domino, I stamp with Staz On with the same CTMH retired stamp(reminds me of Mrs. Claus) color in with Sharpie or permanent markers. Add a bit of glitter,
beads, glimmer mist or stickles ! Can be a card or scrapbook embellishment, tie a ribbon for an ornament, glue in a hair bow, turn it into a pin, or add a clamp or eye hook for jewelry.
Now hop on over to the following blogs to see more:


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glass Gem Magents

Who doesn't love or use magnets? A great way to make someone smile. Great to help organize, play with or make into travel game pieces.

Paying more for the gems does not make them clearer, heavier nor better. They can be found in dollar stores, craft and department stores. Clear gems are best but you can also use pale colors if it goes with your theme. Gems are not perfect and may have bubbles or slight imperfections- these can add character.
Quick and fun for kids and adults to make. Pick any theme you like- words, initial, holiday, birthday, flowers, rockets whatever you have or choose.
I used retired Close to My Heart stampset you can certainly use stickers. If you use stamps it is a great way to personalize things like hair color or someone's fav color.
First take a gem and place it over what you want to use it then you can see what will show when done. Next use piece of cardstock (1-1/2" scraps work wonderfully). Stamp your image, color it in, and while you have the gem glue it on, I used Close to My Heart Liquid Glass. Many gems are not shaped the same. Remember you can use parts of an image it doesn't have to be perfect.
Allow the gem to dry and cut off the excess cardstock. Flip them over and secure a magnet strip on and you are done!
Put them in a tin with or with out a window if you like, it helps secure them for gift giving, great storage. You can also decorate the tin if you like. You can also give them on a cookie sheet, smooth edged metal anything or simply a box or bag.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Recycle Puzzle Pieces

Most of us have access to odd left over puzzle pieces and they are a great way to recycle broken jewelry, buttons, paper and other items. You can make card or scrapbook embellishments, key rings or ornaments to name a few things.

I used Close to My Heart black and silver embossing powder but you can certainly paint or cover with glue to adhere fabric or paper. I like to do several at once because they go so quick and you will probably get excited and creative!
Make them them solid or patterned, depending what you want to put on them. Remember there is no wrong way. Punch a hole for a ribbon to make an ornament or gift tag or add a ring for a key chain.

Gather some broken costume jewelry, buttons, sequins, seed beads, glitter, ribbons, and accessories to make new or revamp project.
Add some pin backs to make pins, leave the back flat if you are using for card or scrapbook embellishments or key rings.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Easy Christmas Tag from Scraps

No cricut needed- easy for my non crafty friends and family, or your kids to make! Great way to use scraps or left overs, and who does not need or love to get a great tag this time of year! Easy to co-ordinate with your wrapping paper to! If you have a cricut you could certainly use it.

Pull your chair up and grab whatever close to your pencil colors, old eye shadows & blushes, chalks, markers, recycled or left over buttons, fabric or paper scraps, embellishments, glitters, embossing powders, bling or whatever you have to use and you can whip these out in no time or get involved.

You will need one piece of 3" x 5" for your base and one piece 1"x 3" for the hat brim, and you can use white if you are covering with scraps. If you want a colored hat and don't have enough glitter etc cut from fabric or paper one 3 x 3 piece.
First I placed but did not glue the bling for his smile and eyes then used a Close to My Heart orange paintbrush tip marker to draw and color his nose. Then I used a pink CTMH marker to color cheeks before adhering the mouth. Then glue eyes and smile. You can leave your edges squared or use a corner rounder.

Decide what you are using on your hat, secure the brim and decorate as you like. The sky is the limit! Punch a hole to add ribbon, can stamp (write, sticker etc) "to & from" on the front or back.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shrinky Dink Charms

Shrinky Dink is not just for the kids! It's a lot of fun for crafters also!
You can make some great charms for taper candles or drinking glass rings, jewelry, scrapbook embellishments, buttons, key rings and more!

Stamp your image with Staz On and you can color in with pencil colors before curing. Remember the shrinky dink will shrink 1/2 to 3/4 of it's original size. If you plan to hang or add it to make something punch a hole prior to curing.

Left photo below is prior to curing and after is the right photo below to give you an idea how much they shrink.

You can cure your image by baking according to package directions or use an heat embossing gun and a stylus to hold so it doesn't blow away. Don't panic when it starts to curl completely up it levels out when it is finished. It will be very hot so be careful. It will cool in about 2-3 minutes.

You can add a clasp, an o-ring and a chain, or a rhinestone stud earring post, hoops, etc.
They do last a long time below is a child's necklace that is 3 yrs old.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Framed Decor Gift

If you are looking for specific colors or a quick and fun decor or gift item, I loved this.

A gold wooden 4 x 6 frame, you can make any size you like- any map, word themed or holiday paper, find a stamp you like that coordinates.

Measure your paper, stamp your image (could use a rub on) I used a retired Close to My Heart ornament but a tree large word or other would work perfectly!

Add ribbons, glitter, bling or dimensional item to pop or match and that's it you are done! Depending what items you use you can seal your paper or add the glass on top if it fits.

I think this would be super with a USA theme for a special soldier also!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winner! Of the Cricut Holiday Cakes

Winner of the Cricut Holiday Cakes cartridge is Janice Weyand - Congrats !

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Twist on Spatulas!

I wanted something different for recipe card sets, home-made dry soup or gift mixes, and thought this would be a fun twist to try.

Bought a cheap set of spatulas in case, used Staz-on (use any color you like) and snowman from Close to My Heart Pair A Phrase. You might use an initial, a crown for Queen of the kitchen, chicken or other for collectors or soup, even something to match the gift item you are attaching it to.

You will need to take your time as the spatulas are slick, I don't plan on eating or using it except for decoration so wasn't worried about food safety. Stamp your image, allow to dry about 5 minutes you touch it. I do suggest cheap spatulas until you try it and get the knack down.

Just a fun way to add a twist or a little extra something to your gift.

Giveaway !! Cricut Cake Cartridge

Want a chance to win the Cricut Holiday Cakes cartridge?

You must be a follower of this blog, and leave a comment here if you haven't on my personal Facebook already. For an extra chance refer your friends comment and have them leave a comment to let me know you sent them. Winner will be drawn tomorrow night.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Using Scraps for Jewelry

Pins a are wonderful way to use your scraps. Quick!! Great for a gift, easy and inexpensive to mail. The snowman is still damp and has a lot of Glitz so it looks a little fuzzy yet.
Can be left over patterned paper and cardstock or stamp your own image, holiday or any theme you have or desire.

You will need about 2 inch pieces or patterned or stamped image on a nice cardstock, then your back will be 1/2 inch larger. I used some thick cardstock and patterned paper in the snowman and cardstock seahorse remnant, then corrugated cardstock on the lady. Make rounds or ovals pieces if you prefer or it works better with your scraps.

You will need to seal these after you put the pieces together and easier before adding the pin back. I prefer Close to My Heart Liquid glass (self leveling and forgiving) you can use Modge Podge. Then add Stickles, I prefer Close to My Heart if I want more dimension, or you could use glitter if you like.

Allow to dry before adding crystals or other bling. You might also like to add ribbon, tiny beads, bells or mini buttons if you want to get fancier.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Recycling with Rub on's

Recycling bottles can be a great gift or decoration that we forget about. Quick and fun to theme however you like with rub ons.

We all have glass bottles in various shapes, colors and sizes. This was a Prima flower bottle. Remove all the stickers and paper from your bottle and lid. A scrungie and water usually work fine if they don't just peel off.

Allow the bottle to air dry after removing stickers and cleaning. Then look through your rub ons (these were a left over sheet from 3BirdsDesign), rub ons can be found in most scrapbook/ craft store) pick the ones you want to use- any theme.

Place on your bottle and rub with a popsicle stick, or the tool that came with your rub on's.
You can see the image color lighten as the rub on adheres before you lift the carrier sheet. Use as many rub on's as you like for your theme.
Add ribbon, yarn or what ever to accessorise it and don't forget to do the lid. Now you can fill with candies, hot cocoa mix, buttons, scent chips, wax chips, plastic snowflakes or whatever matches your theme and size. You can also add a special tag if you like.