Friday, February 27, 2009

"It's In The Glass" Card

This was fairly simple and a fun project. It could be used for a party invite, St. Pat's card, game nite, birthday or many other events.
I took a white card folded and cut a glass from it. Then used the left left over piece to make liquid for inside the glass ( move it in slightly to make your color smaller. I used Clover Meadow ( you could use pinks, reds or whatever you chose).
I lightly sanded down the sides to give a slight look of liquid in the glass, added random liquid glass and then heated to puff for foam, add a lot or a little. I also did a few dots down the glass for bubbles or drips.
Depending size you chose you can add a gift card or pack of Koolaid for a child. Can also stamp a greeting inside.
Change your colors or add colors for game night.
Could certainly use prisma, stickles, glitter or other around the side for more of a glass or sparkle look. Add a mock straw or a piece of fruit.

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