Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still My Prince

Just a fun Valentine for a guy that's not fond of bright green! I think he's just the cutest little guy! The little saying is "still my prince".

I used a template shared with me a year or so ago, stock was run through a cuttlebug template and sanded lightly. You could certainly use a brighter green, and distress or DTP the edges.
As you can see from the 2 photos you have several options to do his eye lids. Add a few eyelashes, cheeks, or a big red smile if you want!
Some I inserted a tiny red metalic hearts for the eyes and larger heart for his nose.
His face is popped up with pop dots. Even add a big red smile or a balloon or ribbon to replace his roll up tongue. This is the entire front of the card and it opens to reveal your personal message or to stand for display.
Might be a great kid project too!

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sheila K. said...

This frog is so cute...your ideas are awesome...I appreciate your tell me to check your blog...I appear to be too busy to check it on my own..