Monday, November 16, 2009

"Nutty " Thanksgiving Project

We all get a little nutty around the holidays, so the Nutty Turkey is a fun adult or child's project!

Supplies needed:
1 walnut
1 chestnut
5-1/2" of pipe cleaner
1 large silk leaf
1 small silk leaf
Strong glue ( I used Close to My Heart Liquid Glass- glue dot's did not hold)
cardstock scraps for beak and other additions you might like
2 bead for eyes
Ribbon or twine if you want a bow.

Glue the chestnut- bottom facing the front on the walnut. This gives a different color to the face.
You will need to hold project to add eyes, beak and other decorations you might like.
Add small leaf to the front of the large leaf and adhere to the back of the walnut.
Make pipe cleaner feet for your turkey to balance on.
Sit by an arrangement, candle or stand alone just for fun!

Here's the back view. Enjoy and hope your Thanksgiving isn't to nutty!

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