Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glass Gem Magents

Who doesn't love or use magnets? A great way to make someone smile. Great to help organize, play with or make into travel game pieces.

Paying more for the gems does not make them clearer, heavier nor better. They can be found in dollar stores, craft and department stores. Clear gems are best but you can also use pale colors if it goes with your theme. Gems are not perfect and may have bubbles or slight imperfections- these can add character.
Quick and fun for kids and adults to make. Pick any theme you like- words, initial, holiday, birthday, flowers, rockets whatever you have or choose.
I used retired Close to My Heart stampset you can certainly use stickers. If you use stamps it is a great way to personalize things like hair color or someone's fav color.
First take a gem and place it over what you want to use it then you can see what will show when done. Next use piece of cardstock (1-1/2" scraps work wonderfully). Stamp your image, color it in, and while you have the gem glue it on, I used Close to My Heart Liquid Glass. Many gems are not shaped the same. Remember you can use parts of an image it doesn't have to be perfect.
Allow the gem to dry and cut off the excess cardstock. Flip them over and secure a magnet strip on and you are done!
Put them in a tin with or with out a window if you like, it helps secure them for gift giving, great storage. You can also decorate the tin if you like. You can also give them on a cookie sheet, smooth edged metal anything or simply a box or bag.

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