Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spinning Wood Christmas Tree

Great project for many ages. Fun Christmas trees can be made for 1"x 1" strips of wood, they are cheap and many places will cut them for you- if like me you don't saw.
Decide how wide you want the bottom of your tree and cut each slat up 1" shorter. Use a block or 2 to 5 slats for your base. It can certainly be a regular tree if depending what you add or decorate it with.
Cover with paper, decoupage, glitter, paint, stain, glimmer mist or simply seal. You can stack the pieces on top of each other to make your tree or and glue or drill holes in the slats to hang and spin.

Mine is a spinner. You will need to decide what string, yarn or floss and wood, plastic or glass beads you want to use prior to drilling holes in your wood. This has been trial and error for me.
So test your beads and string first then drill the slats! Lightly sand the edges and the areas drilled. I stuck a toothpick in each hole of the slat to be sure there were no snags.
The clanking of a spinner can also appeal to those who love wind chimes.
I am off to finish this so have fun making yours!

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