Monday, January 5, 2009

Female Empowerment Wallet

In a new year it seems many of us choose resolutions. I generally don't, I am not fond of seeing how people feel if they fail on a diet or other.
I do try to be personally better than the year before. I love reading uplifting, motivational, or empowering messages for us women! It's nice to read one that gives us new energy.
I decided to make a wallet filled with empowering cards for several during the holidays. They were a big hit! The photo colors may be a little off but I believe you will get the idea.

The wallet opens up to hold 2 cards you can see each day.
One reads "May what I receive today mirror what I have given out."
Another reads "Today may test my strength, I will still be the best woman I can be".
There is no lack for wonderful sayings or quotes!
Then the back opens to hold other cards for more days. I made 31 sayings for each wallet, so they can be alternated to empower us each day.

Due to the amount of cards I did not embellish a lot because I wanted them to lay flat to fit in a purse if wanted.

I used Close to My Heart Perfect Day papers, Connections and Spot On Background stamps, and inks. I stippled a little. You could certainly embellish, distress or paper more or less. These would also make super lunch box notes.

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