Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photo Charms or Jewelry

Love Shrinky Dinks! Was playing around and wanted to do something a little personal for a tiny gift.
I took a photo and printed it from computer on Shrinky Dinks paper.
Be sure you use the textured side or lightly rough it before printing.
I used 4 x 6" photo because it will shrink to half size when you heat. Allow to dry about 10 minutes before touching the print area. I wanted a little color so I inked a Close to My Heart stamp with Moonstruck ink and stamped it directly on the photo (textured side of the Shrinky Dinky).

Regular inks will run when you heat them so I used Stazon on top of the moonstruck ink.
Cut around the outside of the flower or design and punch a hole to add an o-ring or string for a necklace, key ring, scrapbook page charm or whatever you like. I used a heat embossing gun to shrink. The Shrinky Dinky will start to roll up on you as you heat_ and that can be scarey, it will layout back out as it shrinks. Be sure to use a pencil or object that does not get hot to hold on to your charm while heat shrinking. Wala you have a personal charm!

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Jessica Mason said...

Simply adorable!! I am copying your idea and making my mom one to add to hang from her Mother's Day gift bag!