Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photo Family Tree

This also was a gift for a family member. They are quite fun to make! Not my original idea.
It's a Family Photo Tree with very old and new photos.
Since I am not a carpenter I cheated and used balsa wood, cut in pieces to make the tree effect. (21" x 16" finished)
Ideally it should have 5 photos on each side of the bottom, 3 on the next row, 2 , and 1 for the top. Due to the photo I selected I altered it a bit. The tags can be embellished, embossed, double matted, papered etc as you like. You can even write names or info on the back of the tags.
The great thing is this requires minimal space, so easy to put on a ledge, shelf, mantle or table to display and little space to store when not in use. Want different photos, just change the tags.
** The less people and things you have in the photos the easier to crop to a nice size.

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