Friday, November 18, 2011

New Twist on Spatulas!

I wanted something different for recipe card sets, home-made dry soup or gift mixes, and thought this would be a fun twist to try.

Bought a cheap set of spatulas in case, used Staz-on (use any color you like) and snowman from Close to My Heart Pair A Phrase. You might use an initial, a crown for Queen of the kitchen, chicken or other for collectors or soup, even something to match the gift item you are attaching it to.

You will need to take your time as the spatulas are slick, I don't plan on eating or using it except for decoration so wasn't worried about food safety. Stamp your image, allow to dry about 5 minutes you touch it. I do suggest cheap spatulas until you try it and get the knack down.

Just a fun way to add a twist or a little extra something to your gift.


Windy said...

Cute idea!!

Nickalli said...

Oh, I like this!!! What a clever idea.