Monday, November 14, 2011

Recycling with Rub on's

Recycling bottles can be a great gift or decoration that we forget about. Quick and fun to theme however you like with rub ons.

We all have glass bottles in various shapes, colors and sizes. This was a Prima flower bottle. Remove all the stickers and paper from your bottle and lid. A scrungie and water usually work fine if they don't just peel off.

Allow the bottle to air dry after removing stickers and cleaning. Then look through your rub ons (these were a left over sheet from 3BirdsDesign), rub ons can be found in most scrapbook/ craft store) pick the ones you want to use- any theme.

Place on your bottle and rub with a popsicle stick, or the tool that came with your rub on's.
You can see the image color lighten as the rub on adheres before you lift the carrier sheet. Use as many rub on's as you like for your theme.
Add ribbon, yarn or what ever to accessorise it and don't forget to do the lid. Now you can fill with candies, hot cocoa mix, buttons, scent chips, wax chips, plastic snowflakes or whatever matches your theme and size. You can also add a special tag if you like.

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